Can't you make onyx's software to be stabilized?


hi i have been using max2.
but max2’s software is not updated at all.

i don’t understand why onyx does not max software.

if you use sony’s dpt-rp1, it has very simple software, and no error.
i think engineer could make dpt-rp1’s software in one month.

people use max2 for read or for writing.
i think writing is main reason to choose max2.
because there are many options for read. max carta or kindle, or dpt-s1.

to write, there is remarkable, max2, dpt-rp1.

max2 has really nice hardware, but people can not use it well.
people does not need android. people can not do anything with max2 on android, it it too slow.
if people needs android, people will choose samsung or google’s tab.

please keep this in mind.
people need max2 for writing. and if the bug is not fixed. people will leave.


We are trying to persuade onyx to release the kernel and bootloader here: Please provide source code for kernel and bootloader
so that at least we can make our own software.

Onyx seem to think they can do something on Android, while in reality everything is plagued with bugs and bad battery life, and very slow release cycles.


yes i read what you posted about source code.
i totally agree. if somebody makes dpt-rp1’s software
on max2, i will buy that.

i think onyx does not know what customer wants.


I disagree. What I could do with Android, I can do well enough on the Max2. I need more, so I started using a portable PC connected through HDMI.
I need to use Android applications on the Max2 - and I can.

There are not many options around. You mentioned the MaxCarta, which is terribly slow, and other devices which I understand are only useful for “e-book” reading, and/or are closed devices - which some of us just reject.

If people need Android, they will not “choose samsung or google’s tab”, if the same people also want an EPD display.

Onyx is doing well in producing all-purpose devices. I want a flexible device which I can use anywhere.

To have something better, the best solution would probably be a dual boot, with Android AND with a Linux desktop. When one needs an Android application will use the former, when something more is needed he will use a full desktop environment, and when even more is needed the HDMI connection (or, if unavailable, some desktop remote technology).


Yes, there are some bugs in the software which I hope that Onyx will eventually resolve. There are also some other functions which I hope they will enable such as being able to take screenshots on the Note. And I hope they will continue to develop their writing/sketching software so that it might eventually rival ReMarkable’s. So, yes, there is much work still to be done.

However, I am quite pleased with my Note. It is a huge improvement on my original Max which I was fairly well pleased with. So it seems to me that Onyx is moving in the right direction.

Although I haven’t installed many apps yet, the ones which I have installed seem to be working well enough. I am especially happy that I was able to install Moon+ Reader Pro because not many other reading apps, including the native Neoreader 2, seem able to handle Japanese all that well. So I am very happy that my Note can run Android. It makes it a much more versatile device than my other ereaders of which I have a few.


I just change from Sony dp1 to Boox Note. Although dp1 size is larger but the writing experience is very bad. I choose Boox Note because of the smooth writing. But after I get the Note, I found that the Note Writing sometimes stops for 10-20 seconds. I cannot press any buttons nor writing. After resume, it will happen again 3-5 minute later. This kind of bug does not find in Sony product.


When I turn WIFI off, this hang-ups in the Note app stop.
(They only appear in the notetaking app for me).
Of course this is only a work around, and not an ideal solution.



I have experienced simillar hungs, even worse sometimes it lasts till the android system decides that note app does not respond. This time all the unsaved work is lost.
I have reported it through the on-device error report form, but no response received.