Change request on firmware 2.0: remove 20-character file name limit for notes


Thanks for the many great improvements to the Note app in 2.0!
In one area there has been a step back: there is now a 20-character limit for file names. This is very inconvenient, because it is too short. My file naming convention is “YYYY-MM-DD Topics of the meeting”. At least 40 characters would be very welcome!


Yeah, I agree. And add RENAME filename, please. Now one can just NEW NAME for filename, but sometimes I need just change name.


Yes, I agree! I just realised that when selecting Rename, I have to start from scratch. This is a problem when you already renamed the file and want to make only small changes to the title.


This is also a problem for me. I like to give notes long descriptive titles. I also read a lot of academic papers on my Note which I like to have named as “<title> - <author(s)> - <date>.pdf”. This almost always exceeds the new 20 character limit.

Files which were created prior to the firmware update still have their long names, so this seems to be a UI limitation rather than an issue with the underlying filing system.


Dears, Thank you very much for your kind suggestion, I will forward it to our R&D.