Charging dangers!


I am writing to warn others not to do what I (apparently) have done with my Nova Pro. Noticing that my MacBook Pro USB-C cable would work as a charging cable for Nova, I plugged it in to charge the tablet. Unfortunately, I forgot it was still plugged into the adaptor of the computer, which puts out a lot more power than a normal cellphone or tablet charger. Now the Nova seems to be dead, so I assume I killed it with a power source that was too strong. I wrote to Book help and am waiting for a reply.

Just for your information - watch which chargers you use when USB-C is your cable. I might be wrong about my tablet, but it has been frozen for 12 hours now…


Hi Scott, thank you for your kind remind! Yes, Boox users are suggested to use the original USB cable and the 5V 2.4A charger to charge the Boox device.


Update: I wrote to the help desk at Onyx and received an answer within hours. They suggested I plug in the correct charger and wait a few hours. Sure enough, the tablet revived! I guess it had an overcharge protection circuit? Anyway, thanks Boox, for excellent service.