Configurable "Home" for Navigation Ball


I use the navigation ball a lot and was wondering if there was an option to set the “home” for navigation ball. Currently, double tapping on the naviball takes you back to the library. It would be great if it could be set to the Apps screen or Notes. Would this be a feature that could be implemented?


Great idea here. However, as you have mentioned that it is possible to go to the Library by double clicking the navigation ball. We shall further discuss its feasibility with our R&D team.


An additional nice to have is allowing the double click on the navigation ball to be any function and not just home (quick app switch, refresh, etc).


Great option would be also a possibility to open Neoreader from Navigation Ball. Neoreader isn’t listed in Navigation Ball settings.


It is available to go to Neoreader by double clicking the navigation ball, but not able to open Neoreader directly.


wasn’t aware of this post, i opened a similar topic on nova section.
Anyway, I agree, this would be useful. I propose also a tap gesture responding to “long press” action on the naviball icon, with the ability for the user to set what action it should do (go back, go home, open app, etc). It would add some functionality