Critical Bug - Note Air/Firmware v3.0

First, let me say that the reason I purchased a Note Air is that Boox (dev team, product team) has done a PHENOMENAL job at incorporating feature requests, providing firmware updates, and making a very enjoyable e-ink/android tablet experience. The Note Air is almost perfect, from the gorgeous design to the responsive system/apps. I definitely can’t wait for a color version! :wink:

I’ve had the Note Air for less than 24 hours and this bug has occurred twice. Once while using Challenger Comic Reader and once while using Outlook. For some reason, the device acts like I’m providing input (zooming, clicking, hitting the back button, etc), when I’m not doing anything. I thought it was an input lag issue, so I let it sit there for about 30 seconds while it acted erratically. It stopped acting like it was getting input after about 20 seconds, but then I couldn’t exit from the app, or do anything. I had to restart the device both times.

I unfortunately have not been able to replicate the bug. Please let me know how I can provide more information about this bug.

Build Number

Using third party apps from Google App store as well as system apps.