Design upgrade suggestion


I have found when writing notes on the tablet that the resting area of the wrist on the tablet causes the button to be pushed in the middle of writing often, causing difficulty in smooth writing with options popping up on the screen. Maybe a redesign of an inset button to back up on the upgrade model in the future?
Here is a link to the picture as an example of what happens. Thank you!


I’ve also had this happen, so I usually use the device upside down with a screen flipper.


Could you kindly provide the link to better illustrate the problem?


Now that’s a way to go about it! :slight_smile:



Noted with thanks. You really make a good point here and will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Thank you. Hope to see it in the future. I also thought of a way, without draining the battery, that the battery power level could be seen on the “power off” screen. In other words that the remaining power could be seen on the off mode without draining battery power significantly. Thanks again.