Developer: unable to keep EPD refresh mode in A2



I’m a developer and have a question about setting refresh mode with EpdDeviceManager.

As I understand it, to set the mode to A2, I need the following command:

To refresh it, I need to set it to false, then again to true, like so:

Then, when I select some text and open another overlay activity to input some text, there is a screen refresh, which theoretically shouldn’t happen if I’m in A2 mode.

When I’m in global A2 mode, the screen refreshes don’t happen, as expected.

I’m going by what’s written in this demo activity:

Is this a bug or can I somehow set A2 mode in a more permanent state from the application?

Also, where should I post these kinds of questions? The github page doesn’t appear to be very active and there are some unanswered issues.

UPDATE: After a bunch of testing, I discovered that the app automatically switches into regal mode after selecting text, ignoring my refresh mode directives. This appears to be a bug as this kind of switching shouldn’t be done automatically. Please advise on a workaround.
I posted a github issue here: