Device not play protect certified


Hello, let me first say I love your products, I purchased the Boox note and the Boox Max 2 Pro limited edition. The Boox note works perfectly however the Boox Max 2 Pro limited edition keeps popping up with the error message

‘device is not play protect certified, the device manufacturer has preloaded Google Apps and services without play protect certification from Google.’

I can sideload whatever APK I want which is no problem but this message keeps popping up constantly. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Let me know.


I am a new purchaser and ran into this problem. Is there a fix? This is not acceptable for any product, let alone an expensive one.


Please go to Settings — Application — Enable Google Play — GSF ID to active the Google account first. After 5 minutes, you can try to reboot your device and sign in the Google Play account. You could learn more from this video.


That worked. Thanks!


I have the same issue, however I don’t have the option for GSF ID. I just ordered this device and got it in the mail today.
Android 6.0.1

On my device I have to go to Settings --> System --> Power Manager. Here I have the option to toggle “Enable Google Play”, however I don’t get anything further, nothing asking me to login and nothing about GSF ID.

When I go into the Account Manager and go to the Google option to try to login to my account, it just returns me to that same “Device is not Play Protect certified” alert and I can’t do anything else.

Is there something I’m missing? I just spent over $500 on this device specifically so I can download onedrive and some note taking apps and right now I’m dead in the water.


Please, update your device on the following link and Google Play will work.


Hi Claire,

I just purchased a onyx boox gulliver, I did the firmware update from April 16th 2019, and after setting “Enable Google Play” in the power section, I encounter the same issue than soonerpet, “Device is not Play Protect certified”.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Many thanks,


Hello Florian, could you kindly send an email to our relative colleagues with your issue via They will reply back as soon as possible. Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.


Hi, I am contacting them but it seems for now they didn’t get that the firmware of the onyx Boox Gulliver does not have the “applications” setting in the left side of the system menu…
I let you know…