Differences between CN / US / EU firmware-versions V2.1.1


At the moment it seems to be impossible to download firmware V2.1.1 via the offical webpage or OTA for people in the US or EU - it is however possible to switch the language to chinese and than use the OTA-Update. Is there any harm in doing so? What are the specific differences between the firmwares?


Do not hury up. Keep calm and relax)
Support did not recommend me doing so before.
Though I have upgraded through OTA about a week ago.


Dear user, we recently updated the firmware to version 2.1.1, which may cause bugs during use. This update has been temporarily suspended and we are currently developing a fix for these issues. The fix will be announced on our official website and social media once it is available. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.


Thanks claire. I actually did update to 2.1.1 via the Chinese version some time ago: Having read multiple threads here i was under the impression that onyx is simply having issues with its homepage / download-distribution. There are various people out there who updated from non-chinese 2.0.1 to the chinese 2.1.1 on various devices. Could you therefore please clarify:

  • how the chinese version differs from non-chinese versions
  • if switching back to a non-chinese version will be possible, once a fixed 2.1.1 comes out

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your understanding first. Generally speaking, you are not suggested to upgrade to the Chinese version. You may come across some bugs since there is something different. Just wait for the next firmware update for official version if you did update before.