Disable touchscreen while reading

I tend to hold my Nova in a way that I put my fingers on the screen while reading. Unfortunately I trigger some functions at the same time. Even if I change the touch area and leave the bottom screen without any touch function assigned, I still trigger dictionary or bookmark options. Is there a way somewhere to disable those as well temporarily? Or leave them only to be triggered by the stylus?

I have the same problem on my Note pro I would like to see a solution in the future at the system level, but for now I’m using “No more accidentally touching”

In touch settings set ‘full screen’ option in custom mode at preferred area. Touch the full screen area in neo reader to see the status bar and disable hand touch and click again the full screen area with stylus to hide status bar and enjoy reading.

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thanks! That’s what I wanted :smiley: I didn’t know how to trigger the status bar in pdfs. Thanks a lot!

Actually there’s one thing. Once I do that there’s no option to turn the page, even with swiping.