Disappearing notes! - Please fix


This is such a horrible bug: sometimes a page of notes can disappear.
I lost an important info because of it!

Second, in side-by-side note taking, opening the panel erases last taken note.

Seriously, if you can’t cope with designing such a simple application, see my thread thread here: Please provide source code for kernel and bootloader

If these bugs won’t be squased very soon (I am talking about a week), I will be returning my Max 2 - I can’t possibly use a device that randomly loses information.

I did not buy it so that I have to take backups on paper of everything I write.


I hope you at Onyx are taking our complaints and requests very seriously, I just don’t mean reading this forum: I mean taking action and communicating with the community.

For 1000$ I could have bought IPad Pro - I chose Onyx because of eink and because before you switched to Android you had relatively good software. Nowadays, there is more choice. If such a user experience continues, I will simply switch to competition.


Dear mikolajp,

Our appologies for the inconvenient bug.
In order to solve the problem I would need you send us the Information FeedBack of your device.
Settings --> About --> Information FeedBack

Through the information in that section we will be able to see the device bug and to update a new FW for you.

I look forward your reply.


After opening several other books the issue somehow went away - there is still a blinking of the notes in side by side note taking mode - but it does no longer erase the notes.

Perhaps this was fixed in the new march firmware.

Keep up the good work!


Okay, another day, and the bugs are appearing again.

In side by side note taking, sometimes (especially on low battery) the notes just disappear. Please try to fix this.


This happened to me on Boox Note, too. The note I created didn’t disappear, but it restored to a pretty early version. The Note app stores the writing steps so a user can undo and redo every step, I think the bug happens when a user undo or deletes a lot, then the cache is bloated and memory is corrupted. Another symptom is that the Note app sometimes becomes very laggy when deleting a lot (probably by using the undo/redo button, and the pen as well).

OnyxBoox Note: Removed cache, no new cache

@binchan : I’ve been having the same issue, mentioned in this thread:

but since the latest firmware update I didn’t get the same issue again.

Have you already updated software to the latest version (you can find info about this on that same thread) and still getting the issue?


Thanks for the info. Note taking feature isn’t the main reason I bought Boox Note. And I will wait for a major version update and offline update package (minor update is probably not necessary, but hope that Boox team also provides an offline update option for new major version), so sorry that I can’t test the update right now.


All of my Sidenotes have disappeared in several books. Is there a way of getting them back. I’ve had my device for a year and the possibility of my notes disappearing is really not acceptable. They are all gone. A couple of hundreds of pages of notes. What’s up. I’m very angry about this.


Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Have you ever deleted some documents on your device or done something else? If not, please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback, and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.


No I haven’t deleted anything off of the device


In this case, please kindly submit this on Feedback.


I found them TOC -> Sidenotes to the page that was written on.