Don't worry about losing your stylus pen

This tether is made of retractable, strong, and durable plastic material, and it could apply to all Boox stylus pens or other tablet pens. Easy to attach and detach for items with lanyard port or hole, and it could be stretched to 10 inches long. Get one and never worry about losing your stylus pens.:sunglasses:

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That’s not the problem. The problem is that the pen is made with such cheap plastic that the pocket holder clip breaks and snaps after a while of using it and then you have nothing to clip it with. If you made the pen out of a more durable, or at least a nicer feeling material then that wouldn’t be a problem. You should also use a metal clip for quality.

Why don’t you test out some test pens so that you can get a good response as to what people really like. I would like a fuller pen like the bamboo pen or some of the lower end models of the Wacom pens. I think that the community would really appreciate that.

Dear user, thank you for your kind feedback about the pen here. Actually, we have planned to make some improvements about the pen in the near future.

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