Download and install new dictionary


I am trying to install a russian dictionary on my boox max 2. I have found a dictionary as three files with extention *.dz, *.idx, *ifo. When I copy them from PC in the new folder to the dicts-folder on boox max, nothing happens.
Please help me to install it.


Hi, I think you need to put the three files into a sub-folder of dicts, e.g. dicts/russian
Not sure, but worth a try.


How to install dictionary?

The device supports dictionary formats of stardict\bgl\mdict. Users can download the
dictionary packages online, copy to folder “Root Directory\dicts\”. Dictionary is
available to use after that when users are reading;


Hi Rambles and Afra,
I have got it. It was the same as I done before and as you said. But it worked just after I went in dictionary modus in Settings/Preferred Dyctionary Setting and selected there my folder “russian-german”. Now it works!

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