Duplicate name while notes are in different folders

Today I stumbled upon following message while changing the name of a note : “duplicate name”. This is a bug since there is no other note with the exact same name in this folder. However there happen to be another note with the same name in another folder.
This is a bug since notes should be allowed to have the same name when they are not in the same folder.

Hello, per our colleagues, the duplicate name error would happen to any docs under the Storage just like normal tablets or pcs.

Yes, indeed it will since the software saves all notes in 1 directory (/Storage/note) without using the folder structure you can use in the app,
So, I have two projects A en B for for which I create 2 separate folders in the notes app. Now I use to have a note called “todo” for each of the two projects. That sounds reasonable I think. Since the notes app physically saves the notes in one directory, I cannot create the second note.
My workaround for now is to call the first note “todo-A” and the second “todo-B”. That works, but then I have a note “todo-A” in the folder “A”, which is redundant to me…