Enable and disable pen more quickly



I often highlight text and annotate it. For this, I need to disable the pen. But I also would like to write with the pen some notes. For this, I need to enable the pen.

Enabling and disabling the pen takes too much time and too many “clicks”. I would like to have a faster way for doing this. For example by being able to assign a function “enable/disable pen” to a certain region on the screen. Or by using this button on the pen itself (does it have any function?).

Or is there already a way to do it I don’t know?

Thanks a lot!


Yeah I agree I suggested a few times
It’s a tiny bit easier since the new firmware, but the palm detection fails too often
and selecting with finger is much harder, so fast mode switch would be better

See the video on third post, Sony tablet pen has implemented the button switch well


Thanks for supporting my wish!

I didn’t know that I can select text with touch while the pen is enabled. However, as I normally eat some fish or prawns while reading on the Boox, that’s not a usuable solution for me.

What do you mean with “palm detection”?


I mean since the last firmware update, you can write directly with the pen and use touch at the same time
The problem is that unlike previous firmware it’s not “locked” in pen mode, so they have have to use “palm detection” to figure out if your finger is touching on purpose, or if it’s your palm touching when writing with the pen
But it doesn’t work all the time and often pages get turned unwillingly with the palm while writing…

(not too mention the increased page turn delay which I think is due to that detection)


Thanks for your clarification. Yes, I experienced the same problems and have “touch” normally disabled because of this.


So there you have it developers
We need that alternate choice on pen button instead of eraser
(I mean there’s already one eraser at the back of pen…)

Press button: pen write off / pen select on / touch on
Press button again: pen write on / pen select off / touch off


Hi there, it allows to directly write on our device with a stylus by clicking the button marked as below and turn pages and make highlights by fingers. For the kind suggestions on pens, we have forwarded this to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Thanks Claire for your support! I know about this button. The problem is that I only want to work with the Pen. Because of this, I have to access this button 5 times per page what is quite time-consuming. This is why we would be happy to have a shortcut.


Dear, I am not quiet understand that procedure. Could you kindly clarify that with a video or photos? Many thanks in advance!


Dear Claire,

please have a look a the video and see how much “clicking” is needed to enable and disable the pen when switching from marking text to writing and vice versa:


All the best


Nice video
And here is the switch button video example again for direct comparison (from 02:00)


Hello Lemo, noted with thanks!