Enable Device Location?

All apps I download from Google play store that require tracking my location don’t work. How do I enable the device to monitor my location? Thank you

Try this app. Maybe you can activate it from the standard Android preferences. Hidden Settings is a proxy app to access them.

It doesn’t work. I don’t understand any of this. I’m logged into Google play store and I can’t log out. But the stupid machine is telling me to reset the machine to login to Google play store. And now I can’t even find weather change device locations. How do I change device locations. How do I enable device location settings?

We are sorry to inform you that all Boox devices does not support the GPS function now.

You could use Fake Location app (I am using Private Location from F-droid), enable Mock Locations and set location in the app. It is not the best solution if you are traveling as you would need to change your location every time though.
It would be awesome to use eink for navigation- especially in the bright sunlight…

I’m trying to use the private location app but I have no idea what to do. Could you please tell me what to click? Very strange app

I got it to work with tinder, but it’s still not work with meeff. Could you please try a couple of these fake location apps and see if you could get meeff to work? It would be much appreciated