Eraser and the undo/redo function


Current behaviour:
1 - I draw/write an equation, compose by let’s say 30+ lines.
2- With one single touch of the stylus I erase part of it (let’s say 15 lines), as I slide the stylus on the screen, with one singe touch.
3- I press undo 15 times to undo the erasing I just did.

Wanted behaviour:
On step 3 I would like to undo the erasing with one press of the undo button.


It is a great idea but it is not available to press the “undo” once to undo 15 steps you have done before. However, you could use the selection tool to erase the strokes on Note App, and you could recover that by pressing the “undo” button once only. Learn more about that from this video.


Hi Claire,
The selection tool, as of the way it currently works, wouldn’t be of any improvement in my use case.
Here are two videos demonstrate what I want to achieve.
selection tool video
erasing with the stylus video

On the other hand, the selection tool should actually select only the elements that the user actually intended to select, that would also help a lot in the duplication functionality as well.


Thank you for your feedback. Per our colleagues, the bug of the selection tool will be fixed in the latest firmware. And it will be released soon. Please be patient.


Hi Claire, that’s cool, thanks. :slight_smile: