Eraser issue in PDF notes


Erasing strokes doesn’t work properly (erase whole page works fine). After I scribble on the PDF, the ‘erase stroke’ partially: sometimes it erases (taking quite long) and other times doesn’t erase at all. Additionally, when it works (again emphasizing that takes quite long) only recognizes the erase functionality with either: the eraser at the top of the pen or by selecting the eraser from software. It does not work by pressing the button near the tip. Perhaps a bug introduced in the recent update (27/dic/2018) ??

This issue is only present while taking notes on the PDF (neo reader), if I use the note app it works fine.


Dear, we are sorry about the problem. Here we suggest you to give the feedback through Settings => Feedback on your Boox. Our staffs could have a better and faster diagnosis of the bugs in this way.