Every update makes this device harder to use

Had the regular note, and it was a joy to write on. Instantly moved from the sidenote to the main document, no lag, no interference from touch. Unfortunately, device broke so bought the Note 2. Significant lag when moving from sidenote scribbling to main document scribbling, significant interference from touch, absolutely no noitceable palm rejection action. Then, they add this floating icon that I can’t get rid of. In addition to abovementioned, now sidebar floating icon unintendedly opens and manipulates the document. This device has become nearly unusable for quick note and sidenote taking.

you can disable the floating icon
go to the apps, then clic the navigation ball application, then clic the switch that disable it

@greg I don’t think the navigation ball is the icon he’s talking about

what is he talking about then?

The awful icon that you can’t get rid of that appears in the upper left corner when you go ‘fullscreen’ in Notes.

without it, how do you do to go back to the menus?

You push the physical button

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true .
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