Excessive battery drain?



I use Max2 with no wifi/bluetooth, no app in use and only as note replacement.
If I let open Note app without touch nothing I can see battery drain about 10% in 1 hour.

Is it normal? I expected virtually no consumption…

[BUG] Max2 reboot alone

Not normal. I managed to get consumptions as low as 1% per hour while text editing with Kingsoft Office (of course, mostly reading and with infrequent screen changes, to get such a low rate).


Thanks for feedback.
I also expected a consumption like yours.


No battery drain problems for me as well. Unless I keep using the wifi connection a lot, eg. to download applications or surf the web, it’s fine. I generally read ebooks, write some note, and keep the device in standby. I get a very low battery consumption, eg. I can keep it more than one week in standby.

Is it possible that you have installed an application that wastes you battery power? I would uninstall all applications and add them incrementally, checking with battery utilities which one is responsible for battery drain.
Remember to keep your wifi turned off when you are not using it.


Excessive battery drain probably caused by these anomalous reboot:

Since I never put the device in standby, it never reboot and battery last very long time.


In standby mode the device should not consume power practically at all. You can check it with a 3rd party app, like AccuBattery.
The device should be in deep sleep for 100% of the screen off time.
For my device the statistics are:
screen on: 7%/hour
screen off: 0.0%/hour (10% in 200 hours)
Full battery time estimates:
screen on: 14h 14m
screen off: 2000h (yes, two thousand)


Hi Jack, we will release a update firmware in early June, please try to update your device at that time, if this problem happen again after update, please feel free to let me know, Thank you.


Just downloaded AccuBattery.
It starts to collect data.
Thanks for reply.


I too am experiencing battery drain issues with Note. I charged it last night to 100%, then with wifi/bluetooth off and no usage overnight, it’s at 83% in the morning. Is that normal?
I downloaded AccuBattery as well and will post reports once it collects enough data.