Exporting Custom Templates


Hi, new user. I needed a template that was college ruled so I downloaded a .pdf version from the web and moved it into the templates folder on my max2. I can access it just fine but when I try to export the file, it won’t do it. If I save it, I then can’t find it when I connect with a USB. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.



Hello Howard, did you put those saved note templates under Storage\Note\Note Template or elsewhere? Are you having troubles in exporting the notes made on the basis of the note template on Note App?


Yes, I put them in that folder and, yes, when I use the custom template in notes, it won’t allow me to export it. Thx.


Hello, it is quiet weired. Could you kindly repeat this procedure and submit this on Feedback via Settings/ About Device? Our technical personnel will reply back as soon as possible.