Exporting notes as PDF images? Nonsense. Don't loose the OCR


I have used the NOTE app, and I found very useful the tool that converts my handwritting to type writing. It must improve some issues, like the way to enter or recognise space between words.

But it’is surprising that when you export a note, you can only do it as pdf, and a pdf that convert the text (each page) in images, so you cannot edit it at all in a text processor for example.

So the advance is completely lost.

That is a must for the next update. A way to choose the format of the export file, and don’t loose the OCR and the capability of edit and corretc it.


Thank you for your feedback.

This has been forwarded to our R&D department, and it will be fixed in the near future.

In the firmware 2.1.2, you could choose to export file in PDF format or TXT format for those notes which have been converted into type writing.


Sorry, but I can’t find where to choose the format of exportation. I only see to choose between pgn (current page) or pdf (all the pages). From notes library if I press export, it only does in pdf. I can’t see in the menus another option. I have read the last user manual (20190410) and I can’t find it neither.

I have used the TEXT INPUT function, not the AI recognition. Is there any difference to export?


Sorry, but I can’t find where to choose the format TXT to export notes written with Text Input feature.


Hello Jorge, sorry for the late reply. Yes, you could only choose the format PDF or PNG to export written notes with Text Input feature.


So, we agree it has no sense in that way. You can’t take advantage of converting in type text, if then you cannot edit it in a word processor. I hope this will be updated.