External links not functioning in PDFs read with Neo Reader 3.0

When reading PDFs with Neo Reader, clicking on external links within a PDF does not work properly.

Internal links work. For instance, clicking on a link on page 1 to jump to content on page 3 works. But clicking on a link that should open a different PDF document to a specific page in a new window does not work. Clicking on a link to a web URL does not work.

In professional environments content is usually not limited to a single PDF file. PDF files are organized and distributed as large interrelated sets of files. There is often a master PDF file which serves as an index or a table of contents. Clicking on each link in the master file opens an external PDF file which is part of the set. Subordinate PDF files may contain links to other subordinates or may contain links back up to the master file.

PDF sets like this work fine when stored on a Windows PC. But after duplicating the file sets to the Boox device none of the external links work properly when clicked in Neo Reader. The folder tree on the Boox device is identical to the folder tree on the Windows PC but the links do not work properly in Neo Reader.

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Hello Steven, thank you for your feedback. Will forward this request to our R&D department and keep you updated.

Hi Claire,

We really need this to work. Any progress on this yet?

Hello Steven, our relative colleagues are keep working and will keep you updated.

Thanks Claire. I will keep checking back.

I would also very much like to use links to external documents/links!