Feature request: add new "sidenotes page mode" in NeoReader2


Hello, I recently purchased a BOOX Note that I immediately updated to 1.9.1 and am really enjoying the device but I think the NeoReader2 needs some improvements.

Could you implement the new feature in NeoReader2?

At the moment, the split screen feature in Neoreader, where the device displays (in landscape mode) the side notes page associated with the current page, is unusable for me often.
I need “new sidenotes page MODE” in which the sidenotes page IS NOT associated with the current page and possibility to change the main pages and sidenotes pages separately.

Thanks in advance if you could implement this.

Is the side note attached to the certain pdf page?
NeoReader 2 improvements and other issues

I agree. A sidenote page would be amazing and if it is sliding that would be even better like the pulldown screen in android phone where we have all the controls. Something like that to take notes in portrait mode will just take max2 to another level. Please implement sliding note feature.


Dear samuileldi, thank you for the kind suggestion, I will forward it to our R&D Department. Thank you very much!

Wishlist for Firmware 2.x

I would also love to see an option to switch between “note connected to current page” (like it is implemented today) and “permanent notes” (the note taking part of the screen could be the normal note taking app, basically the pdf in one part of the screen and the note app in the other).
This is useful for me because I usually write all notes directly in the pdf document (not side notes) first and later I try to summarize everything I have noted in to a new document, currently I write the new document on my computer but I would prefer to do it in my Note+

I found that Android 6.0 actually already has support for split screen, however the feature will need to be customized to work better in the onyx boox system.

  • In build.prop you can add the line: persist.sys.debug.multi_window=true
  • Go to Developer options -> Enable multi-window
    to test out the multi-window functionality in a stock Android 6.0 system.