Feature Request: Additional Onyx Max 3 Features


First off sorry for such a long post I just thought it would be better to done in one post instead of multiple. So I have had the Onyx Boox Max 3 for about 2 weeks now which I use exclusively for work because I have committed to going paperless. I make ton of notes and review even more PDFs. There are a couple of general user features that I believe would add great value to the Max 3.

  1. Separate line weight settings between the pen and pencil to start with. However, ultimately would like to have multiple pen options that I could be set to be different colors and line weights.

  2. To be able distinguish between the different colors that we write on a note or PDF. (i.e. different gray scale colors visible on the screen for each color)

  3. Ability to always edit the length of the highlighted text after the fact without deleting the highlight text. (Several times I had the pen think I was finish highlighting due to me possibly touching the screen with my palm. So it locked in highlighted text and once you click back on the highlighted part you can change all kinds of things but you can not edit length of the highlight after the initial time.)

  4. That the eraser part of the pen worked in the Onyx Keyboard handwriting to text annotation option. That way if I’m having the keyboard dictate my handwriting and I a mistake I can erase only the handwritten mistake instead of waiting for it to recognize the entire sentence and having to delete it with the delete key in the text box. (At first I thought I wasn’t spinning the pen fast enough to erase the mistake until I found the setting to increase the Handwritten pen lifting time and realized the eraser wasn’t being detected.)

These were the simpler topics that pertained to everyone. I also have some more advanced topics that pertain more to myself or anyone using the Max 3 for business purposes and may not be possible. :smile: but it never hurts to ask.

  1. So all of my work notes and PDF markups are property of my employer and therefore classified as “confidential information” and for every project any relevant documentation whether it be notes or a PDF needs to be filed on our servers for record keeping. So I can’t keep anything on any cloud based services so the OTG USB feature on the Max 3 is amazing because it allows me to transfer data directly from the Max 3 storage to our servers which I generally do after the completion of the project. However, on occasion I’ll have to go back after the fact and make an amendment to a document but because the file format of the notes or markups of a PDF are natively .PDF if I happened to removed the file off the Max 3 after transferring them to our servers all those notes or markups are embedded in the PDF file. Or just for the fact that someone needs to clear up space on the Max 3 and needs to change something on one of those documents they removed. So it there anyway to have a unique file type that all files natively are on the Max 3 so that when you transfer the file directly from the storage that the document can be put back on the Max 3 and the original handwriting can be modified? Making every Onyx Boox document a livable document that can be transferred off and on the Max 3 or any Oynx Boox devices. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Ultimately I’d like any note and PDF handwritten text on the Onyx Boox devices to be OCR compatible so it has full text indexing. Along with a software (preferably non cloud based) either on the Onyx Boox devices or PC that allows the user to search every document for any word or phrase. There is a work around for any note taken on the Max 3 by converting all the handwritten words to text using the AI feature then exporting the PDF to OneNote. However, PDF scribble doesn’t have the AI feature or even the textbox feature so there is no way to convert PDF markups to text allowing them to be searchable by OneNote. So could you could add the AI feature or Textbox to PDF scribble? If so I can make due with the work around until the technology advances to where I want it to be. Because I bet I’m asking too much of it right now cause it’s still fairly early in it’s development.

  3. Would it be possible to interweave a PDF with any notes made in the Doc & Note into a singular file where the note made for each page were after that page in the PDF?

WRT #6, I’m not sure you’re aware that you can search notes without converting them using AI. The only thing to keep in mind is that the case used in the search must match the case used in the note exactly. This search works across pages of multi-page notes, but IIRC it doesn’t work across different notes.

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All I want is faster highlighting and no corruption of PDF files.

Hello, thank you for your all valuable suggestions for our products first.

For the #1 and #2, it is available now and you could kindly change the line width and color on Max3.

For the #3, We have forwarded the request for a more convenient highlighting tool to our R&D team and hope it would be available in the near future. For the #4, we would forward the request to edit the text before handwriting recognition.

Our R&D team are working on this feature now and please be patient.

For other suggestion, we would forward to our R&D team to further evaluate the possibilities.

So maybe I didn’t convey features #1 and #2 adequately.

  1. The pen and pencil line weight are currently dependents of each other. So if pen line weight is 15 then pencil line weight is 15. What I asking for that they be independent of each other. So that I could have a pen line weight of 15 but a pencil line weight of 5.

  2. So the keyword was visible on the screen maybe I should have said on the Max 3 instead. Pictures are worth a thousand words so here is what I’m asking for.
    Here is the PDF output works perfectly.

Here is how that same file currently looks on the Max 3

But I think it would be more useful to people that color text displays on the Max 3 looks more like this.