Feature request: another way to highlight pdf


hi, it’s possible to add a way to highlight element that isn’t necessarily an editable pdf? maybe inserting a rectangle filled with a color wich i can see trought it(I don’t konw if i’m explained weel), like what you can make with xodo app.


Hello, could you kindly provide some videos to illustrate this feature? Many thanks in advance!


I’ve done it in two ways, I don’t care about the method I’d like the result, maybe is faster to implement the second way just adding the highlight option under the color palette
This is the video


Thank you for your kind feedback with the video. You could make highlights easily by long pressing the words or sentences you want to highlight and then you could choose the way of highlight you want, such as the underline,
and the rectangle filled with color. You could learn more from this video.


I’ve already tried that but this works only if the pdf is made up of typewritten text, I would like to have something to highlight anything I want


:smile: Noted with thanks. This feature will submitted to our R&D department to follow up and hope it will be available in the near future.