Feature request: Easier switch between notes and pdf/epub

I want it to be easier to switch between notes associated with a pdf and the pdf. I’ve made a suggestion in the uploaded figure for an icon on the top bar in neoreader for the associated note. Clicking on that icon will take you directly to the note and then going back from the note will take you back to the pdf. Could you implement this, or something similar? Or at least make notes and neoreader appear in the task switcher

You could kindly easily change the Note and PDF with the help of navigation ball. For the switch between the Note App and PDF, please kindly go to Navigation App to enable the Navigation Ball first via Apps-Navigation Ball-Enable Navigation Ball-Button 1-Note App. Then please open PDF and click the navigation ball-button 1-Note App to switch back to the Note App.

But that wouldn’t automatically create a note associated with the pdf. Even if such note existed I would have to find it together with all of my other notes and open it (one extra click). Also, after making the note there’s no easy way to get back to the pdf. Plus I find the navigation ball really annoying and would prefer not to have it enabled

The way I do it now is: open Split View to get the notes page but the problem then is that I then loose “Article view” and when I go back to read the pdf I need to set Article view again. Also the note is always on the right (wrong) side which doesn’t work when your left-handed. It would be good if it could remeber that I want it to the left.For me it would be so much easier when a simple switch.

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