Feature request: export, share, send, save


I think there should be a better way to do these things.

For example screenshots (great that now we can rename the files). How could I share, send or save a/many screenshots in dropbox/onedrive/drive… or send by email. Now it’s a bit tough or difficult, you must open a different app and search and load the file/s.

I’m not very sure if there are folder of these apps (dropbox etc.) in the folder tree of the device to copy/cut and paste. I can’t find them.

I think that when you long press in a file or folder there should be an option in the menu not only to rename/erase/copy/cut/open with etc.) but also to share/send to/by another apps.
Thank you


Dear, you could easily find the folder of Screenshot under the Storage, and then you could copy and paste the document. We will submit the request of adding share/ send to option to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Sorry, I haven’t explained it well. I do certainly locate the folder of screenshots, but I don’t know (if it’s possible) how can I copy/cut from there to a dropbox/onedrive/drive folder, because I don’t know if I can reach those folders along the storage tree. Where are they, if they are? Or is it better to enter to those apps and import from screenshots folder? That’s for I have suggested to add shrare/send botton from screenshots folder. Thank you. I hope I have explained it better.


Hi Jorge, thank you for your feedback in details. Yes, it is better to enter those Apps and then upload the documents under Storage. I fully understand that it will be more convenient to add share/ send button for those documents.


Or you could automate the process with an app like this: