Feature request — handwriting improvements

Building handwriting recognition into the Onyx Note 2 keyboard was a fantastic idea. In my experience, the recognition is very good. There are a couple of very minor things that could be improved, however, and though they’re minor, they would make a huge difference to the user experience.

The recognition engine assumes that there isn’t a space between words, unless there’s a very definite signal that there should be. This behaviour should be the opposite. If I write like this…


The default should be to recognise this as “foo bar” not “foobar”.

When the user writes a single word, and then taps on that word in the horizontal list of recognised words, Boox devices should automatically add a space after the word as well. This behaviour would be right 95% of the time. Instead, we are always manually adding spaces in between every word. It feels very clunky.

Thank you for continuing to improve such a great product!

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