Feature Request: Import/Export PDF/PS/SVG in Notes App

The Notes app can currently only export to PNG. This is a little sad, as PNG is a bitmap format while the note taking, as it seems, works with vector graphics. Obviously I can be wrong on this one, but the way you can erase your notes makes me believe it is a vector representation in memory. Therefore, by exporting to a vector format, it should be quite simple to import in a corresponding way, still with the possibility to erase or add notes seamlessly. Plus, of course, vector images are scalable in a more convenient manner than bitmaps, if printing, exporting to other e-readers with different screen size, or including in other documents.


Hi, thank you for your kind suggestion, I’ll forward it to our R&D team. Thank you.

I VERY much support this suggestion. Currently, the quality of exported PDFs is very bad, precisely because the output uses bitmap rather than vector graphics. Compare to the output of an ordinary tablet note taking app like Squid, you will notice the difference.

I also support this suggestion and wish that it also comes to the note 2

I also support this suggestion. The quality of the exported/embedded scribbles to PDF look very bad compared to e.g. a Remarkable device.

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Just got my Note 2 and a little disappointed that can’t export to SVG. I would very much like this feature to be added.

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Sorry for the late reply here. We would forward this bug to our R&D team to follow up. May you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.