Feature Request: Manual Highlights with Pen


Hello everyone!
The new firmware is great, it allows us to take notes and change pages rapidly without having to switch modes like before.

I think that it would be really helpful to be able to highlight text manually, without having to hold on a sentence, just like you would do if you had a highlighter.

Right now it’s possible to use a thick brush with a black/red/blue color to stroke the text, however, since all colors have an alpha value of 100%, the result is undesirable (see picture).

If it were possible to adjust the alpha value of a color (or simply provide a black with 30% alpha) and a bigger stroke (right now it’s 20 maximum, which is still too small) we could highlight as shown in the picture.


Additionally, mapping the button on the side of the pen to use this highlighting mode instead of the default eraser while being held would make the notetaking experience almost perfect.

Thank you for your consideration. Cheers!


Agreed! I was actually looking for this yesterday when journaling.


Great ideas. We will forward this to our relative colleagues and take them seriously.


This is a good suggestion! Thank Onyx for working hard to improve the experience of your customers!


Yes, extremely happy to see this is gonna be a feature in the next update, can’t wait! Thanks Claire and dev team!


:sweat_smile: Not sure that it will be available in the next firmware update. Will keep you updated.