Feature request - Navigation Ball - more tap options

Hello, i am using NovaPro with firmware 2.1.2

Instead of locking double tap on navigation ball icon to default action “go home”, it would be useful to let the user decide what action assign to that tap gesture (go back, go home, open an app etc etc).
Also, it would be useful to have a second gesture, responding to “long press”, with selectable actions


+1, more user customization is always better!

For a better “Navigation Ball” check out the “Edge Gestures” section of my latest post:


Yeah I saw that post, it’s super helpful, I didn’t know that was a thing at all! Does the gesture functionality only work in other apps, or even in system menus and system apps and things?

It works everywhere! But you can disable it in system menus and apps, or blacklist specific apps, if you like. Definitely worth its money.