[Feature Request] NeoReader: Filter highlights by color and kind


NOTE: Because this is a software feature, it is going to be portable across all devices equipped with NeoReader.

The Problem: I frequently find myself making different kinds of highlights in a text, and wanting to view those highlights separately. When reading texbooks, for example, I highlight practice problems so I can compile all the problems in a chapter and put them in a document to do them in one go later. Other times, I highlight phrases because they catch my attention, or because they are important to the subject matter. However, when I view the highlights menu to compile my list of exercises, I have to flip through page after page of highlighted passages before I can find any of my exercises.

The Solution: It would be great if the highlight menu allows the user to filter out certain kinds of highlights. If I recall correctly, the kindle app already supports this, and it’s a big reason why there are multiple highlight colors.

An alternative approach is to have tabs in the highlights menu that correspond to the different colors and kinds of highlights, but I think that solution would allow for less flexibility than a “filter highlights” button. While it would take longer for the user to switch the highlights that are currently being displayed, a filter button wouldn’t get in the way of users who want to see multiple (or all) colors and kinds of highlights at once.

Who knows? Maybe you could go with both tabs and filters.


It would be more convenient with this feature. Noted with thanks here.