Feature Request: NeoReader - Handwritten Annotations


This is listed under the Note series, but it’s clearly applicable to all the series’ that use the NeoReader App.

Handwritten annotations should be functionally equivalent to normal annotations, just without the keyboard. The user would highlight some text, click a UI element that allows them to annotate, and a window would pop up that the user to handwrite in with the stylus. Ideally, the highlighted text would also serve as a link to jump to the handwritten note; this would allow handwritten annotations to behave similarly to typed annotations.

I am in no way a UI/UX designer, but if I had to sketch out an implementation for this feature, I can think of two ways to do it:

  1. Integrate the functionality with the existing sidenote feature. These sidenotes would be accessible from the sidenotes menu, AND from the annotations menu, as well as from the highlighted text itself.
  2. Create new UI/UX for this use-case. This would take more work, because devs would need to create new infrastructure for it, but the result would be better optomized for the convenience of annotation (compared to the previous impelmentation method)


Here’s some more links to posts about improvements to the Notes functionality: