Feature request: NeoReader - more touch zone actions to navigate pdfs (very referenced pdfs)



i am using the NovaPro with the 2.1.2 firmware.

I read mostly technical pdfs that contain several reference links between parts of the same document ( for example, links to formulas, footnotes, links to bibliography etc ). I read them mostly in landscape mode to maximize font size.

I reproduced this situation using different documents: the view is in landscape, single paging with or without margin crop. So i can see the top half page of the document, tap to navigate to the other half and so on.

Now, if i click on a reference link, the app jumps always at the top half of the page where the formula (or figure or part) being referenced to is located. So if the referenced part is at the bottom half of the page (like a footnote for example) you always have to scroll half a page to find it.

instead, it would be useful to have the referenced part located always at the top of the screen, or to jump to the correct part of the page (bottom half in the example before)

Moreover, with this version of neoreader the only way to go back to the page i was reading before the reference jump, is by tapping on “undo” (:arrow_right_hook: icon) from “Progress” section.
This can be tedious, expecially when you need to do several of those jumps in very referenced documents, with many many formulas and/or footnotes

Instead, to improve usability it would be nice to have touch zones shortcuts that do the “undo” and “redo” functions located in “progress” section.

Also, it would be useful to enable the double tap recognition in touch zones (from “touch settings”).
Then, from the example i showed you, i would set one tap on screen zone to “go to the previous page” (meaning page “n-1”, and/or previous half screen in landscape mode ), and double tap on the same screen zone to “go back”. (for example to the page i was reading before a reference jump)

It would also be useful to assign more shortcuts to the touch zones (like open TOC, bookmarks, annotations…)

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