Feature request NeoReader

When we highlight text using NeoReader, it shows up beautifully on the device, and we have two choices — black and grey. When we send the PDF back to a computer, text we have highlighted in black, comes out highlighted in yellow. All of the text is in yellow, regardless of whether we chose black or grey, and there’s no way to change the exported highlight colour.

Could we please have an option in Settings to choose the export colour for the black and grey options? This could be a simple dialogue box which gives options…

Export NeoReader black as … [Enter Hex code] or Blue or Black or Green…
Export NeoReader grey as … [Enter Hex code] or Blue or Black or Green…

Personally, I would really like the ability to enter a hex code so that I can choose precisely what colour it exports as. I can then choose the colours I have to use for some of my professional work, rather than having to change all the highlight colours later on the computer!


In fact, another closely related feature might be needed. For my job, part of our workflow involves us using specific colours to highlight PDFs. When I view green-highlighted text on my Boox Note 2, it is barely legible. The green is rendered as dark grey, and the text is not inverted to white. The text barely stands out against the highlight, therefore.

So, it would be ideal to have a setting like this for NeoReader too.

show all other highlights as:
[ ] Black
[ ] Grey

Thank you!