[Feature request] - Note and Neoreader


Dear Onyx team,

First of all, many thanks for your wonderful products. I’ve become a true Boox enthusiast and devoted fan after buying the outstanding Note Pro. I also noticed that you are very attentive your customers’ feedback and suggestions so I would like to make a modest contribution below.

(1) Neoreader - Add dictionary function for multiple words selection: unlike single word selection, the dictionary is not available when several words separated by a space are selected. It is a problem when you want to look up for phrasal verbs in English or multiple-syllable word of languages like Vietnamese. Would be super useful to have this function.

(2) Note - Add the date of creation of notes in their description: useful to classify notes (at the moment, only the last modification date appears).

(3) Note - Add a function to duplicate/merge notes: useful to quickly duplicate or merge notes together (instead of copy-pasting).

(4) Note/Neoreader - Visible in multi-task switch: in order to easily navigate between Note and documents.

(5) Note - Option to make the task bar visible: in order to ease navigation between Note and other apps.

(6) Neoreader - OCR function for scanned documents: very useful if feasible.

(7) System - Option to invert color: in order to reduce brightness when reading in the dark.

(8) Neoreader - Option to invert odd/even pages: in order to set even pages on the right side when read in dual page mode (since the first odd page of a magazine is usually the cover).

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work guys. Have a great day!



given the amount of space for toolbar icons when writing notes it would be really nice if pen size and colour were separate buttons. I mean, i actually use colours. if i could add icons directly to the toolbar to switch colout it would be so much quicker. i think you should have an icon for paintbrush, separate one for pencil, choice to have separate icons for colours. maybe even separate icons for +/- brush size. I don’t use all the other icons regularly so they can move to the […] dropdown, but these tools i use regularly would speed up note taking to be directly on the toolbar. Also choice of vertical left/right side toolbar would be nice because at the top is always hiding the first part of every page!


I would really like it if the highlighting feature was integrated with the pen tools. The long press and using the handle is not efficient when one is highlighting a lot.