Feature request : Note app - Drawing features (Layers, Brushes, Shades)


Hey guys,

So I’ve been using the note for almost 6 months now , and I want to say that this is a great product.
I used it in my studies at the University and also for my drawings.

The only thing that is bothering me and really takes away the fun part sometimes is the lack of Layers and the Brushes , and I suppose also the option for different shades of grey (Like 50 or so) haha. :sweat_smile:

I think that this kind of feature can really step up the game for the Note.
You’re doing a great job out there , and I really liked the last update it has added really useful features. :grin:


I’m seconding this request as I was going to add my very similar one (for Max 2 pro, but I guess it’s the same software running on).
I know “Note” app was not specifically born for drawing, but Boox is such a wonderful tool for that task that adding a little more features would make it “the artist dream” come true! :wink:

  1. Layers: even a few (2-3) would be such a huge addition to sketching. Many artists tend to make “preparatory” sketches and then draw over them. It would be so easy and natural being able to hide/delete such preparatory drawings when drawn in different layers. This would be a huge advantage over papare, where it’s difficult to cleanly “erase” preparatory sketches. And of course there would be many more uses for layers (making “explodable” parts specifications, putting an annotation “mask” over handwriting etc.), .

  2. Shades of gray: the addition of red, blue and green (and white) paint was a great improvement. However, since they are not “visible”, I suppose there’s a reason behind, and perhaps it would be a big change for Note being able to display different shades of gray. But if possible, since BOOX is capable of 16 shades, chance to use them in Note for drawing would be really super-neat (i.e. a 16 gray palette: grayscale 16 tones ). Displayed colors would be great for simple note-taking too (underlining, marking etc.)

Latest firmware update is awesome.
Thanks again for all the improvements made so far and for listening our ideas and suggestions.
Onyx BOOX products are really a digital revolution, It’s more than a year I’m using a Max2 and all this time I found myself doing all kind of things with it, so much that I ended up purchasing another one (for wife) and “suggesting/endorsing” another 3 of them at job which were purchased during past months. So I got in touch with 5 Boox - and they all made a difference :smiley:


Yes, please. Shades of grey + pressure sensitivity (pencil-like) would be awesome. It would attract a whole other demographic as well—artists.


Thank you for your feedback all the time. Onyx Boox do cherish all feedbacks from our customers and keep moving all the time. Those features for Note App have forwarded to our R&D Department, and we will keep you updated.:grinning:


I wish you would allow access to the source code of the Note app. Wishful thinking I know! I am a graphics programmer with 30 years experience writing paint and drawing apps, and there’s so much I would like to add to this app. It is fantastic but there are a lot of little things I would like to add/change. Today I am setting up Android to try to write my own app for the Nova Pro…


I love my Max 3 for sketching!

I would like to add my vote for opening the source code to the Note app. The layers feature would be great for the reasons mentioned above, but also to allow the AI to pick out text more cleanly from a note when there are drawings/graphs mixed in. Zooming is another very useful feature that could be added.

Another useful possibility would be to extend OneNote by creating a OneNote add-on through which the Boox Note UI (or a subset of it) would pop up to allow handwriting/sketches to be captured smoothly rather than using OneNote’s very laggy pen tools.