[Feature Request] Note App: Insert Space


As in my other posts, I will note that, because this is a software suggestion, this item is generally applicable not just to the Note Series, but to the Nova Pro and MAX2 Series as well.

This feature would create a new tool that allows you to push all of your handwritten content (text, drawings, etc) down, and effectively “insert” new space to allow you to write or draw more. It’s incredibly useful for editing lists and making space for a new paragraph between pre-existing paragraphs, because the user would no longer be required to do the work of manually “reflowing” the following text themselves.

This feature is actually already implemented in an android app currently in the Google Play Store called Stylus Labs Write, however it is unoptomized for the e-ink screens of BOOX devices. It’s demoed in this video. For anyone interested in new ideas to make the Note App more usable, this is a perfect application to play around with.

The most simple form of this feature is the one that only inserts the written-equivalent of a “newline”. As demoed in the video, when you pull down with the stylus, all handwritten content below the stylus is pulled down as well, which gives the effect of “inserting space” for the user to now populate. All text that intersects with the edge of page while being reflowed down is bumped to the next page.

The biggest hurdle to implementing this kind of feature is optomizing it, because for larger documents, it would be an incredibly laggy and hardware intense experience. However, even if the tool is a dialog that asks for a pixel offset, and then takes a moment to calculate, this will still be a very useful feature for me, and for many other users out there who would seek to become powerusers of the notes app.


Hello, your kind suggestion here is highly appreciated. Although it is available to insert space with the function of lasso tool, a short cut to inset space will be more convenient for users.


Thanks so much for the reply! Never underestimate the power of shortcuts, they can make or break the accessibility of their software.