Feature Request: Note app

  1. Copy and paste is significantly needed.
    I am using Note app for solving mathematics and physics problems.
    However, it is quite tough to memorize formulas in other pages.
    Please add copy and paste using capture tools like microsoft paint.

  2. Other color pens.
    Despite the display is greyscale, I think grey pen would be possible. Also for taking notes in books.
    It could be used in highlighting texts. I think it would be useful.

  3. Optimization for eraser.
    Eraser update made eraser cursor visible, but it is slower than before. Also sometimes device freezes because of erasing and I’ve lost some important notes. Optimization is needed or roll back to before.

Share your thoughts on the new firmware V2.1.1


for copy/paste try FW 2.0, it works very well


It doesn’t work across pages, though.


Ok sorry, not possible now. It will be very useful.


Actually I’ve found a way. I’m not sure it is intended or an exploit. Select something with the lasso tool, then turn to the target page with the hardware page turn button, then click the paste icon.
It is buggy, if you try to move the just pasted part, the screen freezes. Just tap the screen to release selection, to recover.

Copy and past note

I tried but after selecting something with lasso, none of the four phisycal keys in bottom left allows me to change notes.
How can do you do it?

EDIT: it works good within different pages of the same note, but not on different note.


This works well when the new page (in the same document) is empty. But if you paste the selection in an already written page, then when you move the selection within the page, it drags parts of the previous text too.