[Feature Request] Notes App: Bookmarks

The Problem: So for large notebooks, if the user is looking for a specific section, it can be difficult to find. Even for small notebooks this is kind of the case.

The Solution: When selecting text with the lasso menu, I think it would be cool if there was a “toggle bookmark” button. In this scenario, there would also be a new side menu that lists little thumbnails of all your bookmarked ink, and let’s you tap them to jump to them. This allows people who have “section headers” to basically make those linkable, and jump back and forth within the text.

As an extra treat, it would be really cool if these bookmarked ink were treated as annotated PDF headers, so when you’re looking at the document in chrome, for example, you can jump back and forth between your bookmarks too. There are two ways you could generate the text for the label in the aPDF:

  1. Use the handwriting recognition software that’s already there to convert the ink to text, and set that as the text label for the header. This would be good if users are only intended to use this feature with writing, and not with doodles or graphs, for example
  2. Just have them be numbered, and insert a “Table of Contents” page in the pdf (that also should have its own header in the aPDF) that shows which numbers coorespond to what thumbnails in the app’s newly-added bookmark menu.

This is a great suggestion which I completely support and vote for!
It seems that there is a huge room for improvement in this device and I hope our friends at Onyx are listening and take action. We love the device so much, but those little hacks and improvements will hold us from thinking to move to another platform!

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good point, I wish it can insert bookmark anywhere, not just page based. and current it’s not so convenient to open the book mark list, it should add the icon to the book marks on the tool bar.