Feature Request: Sleep Screen Showing Onscreen Content


Problem 1: Using the MAX2 for static content, for instance a programming reference manual, where I want to keep the page open for hours or why not days (like a paper book you never close), it feels weird to have it flip to a drawing of a church every 30 minutes.

Problem 2: Practicing piano or other instrument where it can take hours and hours to pass one page (at least for me as a total beginner), the church drawing popping up really get me to lose focus.

Suggested solution to problem 1 and 2: When going to sleep screen, make a screenshot of the actual content, optionally add a small sleep icon to a corner of the page, and use this image for the sleep screen. This way it will give the impression of an opened book that stays open “forever” until I decide to turn page (or the battery drains, whichever comes first). I understand it will introduce a complexity of having to wake the device up in order to use it, even though it looks like it is active, hence the suggested sleep icon for indication. For me at least it would be a perfect tradeoff.


you do have the option of never sleeping, but I agree, the option of showing the same content would be very nice to have.

David Lang


Obviously. That option though comes with a guaranteed battery drain when least expected. Can’t tell how many times I accidentally woke up the ebook when sleeping in its sleeve. The autosleep is a mandatory feature for my workflow.

So, needless to say, I’m very eager to hear if this would be a feature the developers would consider.


doubt it can happe. Onyx would need to add to the system a way to screen capture what you have in that moment, convert to PNG, add a layer to the PNG with a sleep icon, then dinamically use the image to sleep.

I’m talking out of my ass, but sounds too much problems for so little benefit, I think they have a lot of things to address and develop first


Actually, since the screen doesn’t change when you shut down, all they need to do is to superimpose the sleep icon on the current screen and then go to sleep.

no need to do a screen capture and convert to anything, just set the screen to what you want it to be and sleep (or completely power off)


Any of the routes would do I guess. The algorithm used today is probably something like, 1: if custom picture exists, select it, 2: else select a random church picture, 3: display the selected picture, 4: finally put to sleep. Not complicated but anyway contains logics.

There are probably many different ways of solving this, and I don’t think it is a very time consuming task. Regarding the sleep icon, please consider that as a nice to have addition. If it is tricky, just leave that out. Simply not changing the screen picture when going to sleep would be a good enough solution.


Thank you very much for your message!
We have contacted Our technical team and talked about the problem you encountered, we will come up with a solution and help you fix it.Please don`t worry.


Hi, This would be a wonderful and important feature for me too. I have a Note Pro. I practice music and would like the same image to appear on the screen for hours or days, while it is sleeping. (Or even turned off!)

Does the technical team still plan to tackle this feature?

Thank you!


Hello, you are suggested to make a screenshot of the image you want to appear on the screen and then long press the screenshot to set it as the screensaver.


No claire, that is not what we are suggesting. Please read the original post to grasp the idea.

In short:

When the machine goes to sleep mode, just leave whatever content is displayed on screen instead of redrawing with a screensaver picture. Just like a paper book, the page you leave open is the page you see next time you find the book, even if more than 30 minutes have passed.


Hi Johey, thank you for your kind remind first. I have got that definitely. :grinning:
That feature is not available so far, therefore I offer the “method” above to solve this problem in the short term.


Hi Claire, thanks, I’ll try that. I hope this feature request stays “on the list” though.


I must say that I would also love to see @johey’s proposal implemented. I am doing mathematics, and I frequently find myself without power, and I frequently put aside the book to think or do other stuff, and then would simply like to see the page I was working on.


I would like the option of assigning with free functions or deactivating the front pen button.
I use to erase exclusively the button at the back. When writing bothers me the button forward.


Please create a new thread about that. This topic is about onscreen content in sleep mode.


I also want this feature implemented.
I usually take notes and then I watch them for hours… it is very inconvenient to have to power on the device just to read the page I was working on…

Is there at least a fast way to take a screenshot?


Hello, you could use the navigation ball to take a screenshot in the latest firmware update. And it will be released soon. Please be patient.


Manually taking a screenshot is maybe a solution to another problem, but this thread is about something else.

This is a feature request. I am fully aware it is not implemented. I do not ask how to do it in the current firmware. I am just expressing my idea on how to make the Max2 an even better device.

Claire: Have you had a discussion with the developers regarding this suggestion? Is it planned to be implemented or have they decided not to do it? For me it would feel more honest if you replied to feature requests with a comment on the reasoning, like “great idea, prioritized for the next version”, or “good idea, will be planned for next six months” or “will not be implemented because…”


Hello Johey, thank you for your feedback. We did have a discussion with the developers about this request. It is on the agenda, since our R&D colleagues are focusing on other features now.

We shall apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Later, we will keep updating the progress of the suggestions and requested features posted by our users.

Again, thank you so much for your valuable suggestions to us!


Ok, thank you! Transparency is key.