Feedback problems, as always... I’m getting tired of this

I want to FOLLOW UP all the feedbacks along with the Onyx @claire colleagues!

I am tired of all these hidden things.
Also, people keep writing about bugs and so there could be many duplicates threads in the future!

@claire in my honest opinion, you should command your colleagues to make this feedback management tool as soon as possible.
You will get much more visibility from everyone and people will get very much more engaged in following the work you do!

Sometimes surprises are cool, sometimes not. In this case, they are NOT.
I really care knowing when that bug will be solved or if the Onyx team is at least working on it! Or, like a person said, I would be very very happy to know that feedback will never be taken into account! It is far more better and kind of you.

As always, thank you for your time.

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You’re right. Actually the answers here are always the same and you dont get any solutions or updates.

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And if you have an issue that they don’t want to have discussed on the forum (probably because they already know they will not do anything about it), on the forum they will say “you will soon be contacted by a support colleague by e-mail”

Sounds good, and that will also make a good impression on other readers of the thread.
But you can be pretty sure you will not be contacted at all.

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I’ve used the feedback thing multiple times, and I never got a single reply. Just bought the remarkable 2. At least they’ve been responsive.



I WAS so Tempted to buy one :star_struck:

It is amazing!

There is something to be said for good customer service and a good User experience.

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Probably like most people here. The Onyx devices are an expensive niche product. My guess would be that a good number of us here are in technical roles or have dealt with tech support other than setting up your Home Broadband connection. We know how this work and we will call you out on any BS!

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