[Feedback/Request] - Boox Note 2 (2.2.1)


Dear Boox team,

Thanks for your great products and user-centered approach. I have bought the Note 2 a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied with it. I also would like to share my following insights and requests:

1. Dictionary for two-words selection in Neoreader: would be great to have the dictionary lookup function when selecting two words or more (at the moment, just works with one-word selection; only translation function is available for selection of two words or more).

2. Automatic power off timeout not always working: although it is set after 15 minutes of inactivity, the automatic power off timeout sometimes does not work after the e-ink enters in sleep mode for more than 15 minutes.

3. Front light malfunction when long-press main button: usually, I use only warm light to limit eye strain. However, when the main button is long-pressed, it always turn both warm and cold lights at the same time. Would be great to just turn on the last light used (e.g. warm light) when long-pressing the main button.

4. Direct interaction with status bar: would be great if we can activate the functions (home, multitasking, wifi, etc.) directly by touching the icons in the status bar rather than having to expand the status bar menu.

5. Move note toolbar: would be great to be able to move the toolbar on either the right, left, upper or lower side of the screen (instead on having it on the upper side only).

6. Open different apps side to side: would be great to be able to open different apps side to side (e.g. at the moment, only possible with neoreader and note).

7. Note and neoreader visible on multitask list: would be great to have note, neoreader and other system apps visible on multitask list to ease navigation.



I agree with Note and Reading needs to be visible on multitask list
Also can we have a setting to adjust the double click speed on the ball to go to the home screen?
Lastly, Can we have a less clunky way of highlighting?


It will be also absolutly marvelous to have some other languages dictionary like french and most important the hability to use Note in landscape and IA also. For the IA in french, when my sentence is long, the recognition write bigger than the page and it is difficult to bring back the part of words, but possible if you click on the line.