Firmaware update and Fast Changing button Note app - Reader app



I’m using my Onyx Note daily and it is an amazing tool. I’ve seen future updates for Max 3 firmware wich will introduce some really nice features such as insert images and gray-scale text colour, these two features are really nice and I’ll be glad to have them alson on my Onyx Note. Will you also update Note firmware to include those features?.

In the other hand I’m missing what I find would be a really great an important feature, a shortcut to change between the taking notes application and the pdf reader application. It could be a buttom on the Navigation Ball or on the tollbar or wherever you find it useful or even a pressing buttons combination, but I think it will mean a really big improvement because, for example in my case, sometimes, when I’m taking notes in a customer workbook I need to check some regulations opened in the reading application and I have to exit from the taking notes app, open the pdf document, change to the reader and then go back to the note and this procedure make me loose a lot of time.

Also, just in case nobody has already mentioned, related to the new feature of inserting images to notes, it will be also nice to be able to select and copy part of a pdf document to the clipboard and paste it in a note as an image.

Just a last question, Do you think will be possible to find a Max Series device with backlight in the near future? I’m just waiting for that to make the change from Note to MAX.

Thank you very much for your work in improvements on the device and on the firmware, it has made this device one of my best investments for my daily work.


Hello Nicolas, thank you for your kind feedback here.

  1. The new firmware will be released soon, but we are not sure whether all these new features will be available on Boox Max 3 or not.

  2. Per our colleagues, the shortcut from Neoreader to Note is not available in the next firmware update. They will keep working on this.

  3. We are sorry to inform you that the backlight is not available on 13.3 inch devices due to the technical limitation so far.