Firmware 1.9.0 - Library : no abstract and missing covers



With the firmware 1.9.0, when I open the library, the abstract are not displayed and many covers are missing.

Only a part of the properties of a book are displayed, I don’t know how to increase the window or move the text.

At this moment, I can’t read any abstract and without the cover, there is only the file’s name to help at identify a book.

Thank for your help.


Please take a photo or video to us.


I’m going to make it, but it could be very easy if the screen capture function (screenshot) wasn’t removed from the firmware 1.9.1 … :disappointed:


All covers are not displayed. A cover is always displayed after have opened the book.

Even if a reread of the meta-data is done and a cover is displayed, the abstract is not readable. The dialogue box can’t be extend to show something else.




With the 1.9.1, I have the same problem. How to obtain the full book’s abstract ?