Firmware 2.1.2 breaks Dropbox Sync


I have just updated Android on the Onyx Boox Note, and am trying to reactivate the “Dropbox Sync” function on the device. This was working correctly before the upgrade.

Now when I go into Settings / Account / Dropbox Sync and click “Bind Account” I see the message:

Security Alert - another app on your phone may be trying to pose as the app you are currently using. The malicious app can’t access your account, but linking to Dropbox has been disabled as a precaution. Please contact

Any ideas?


Dear, thank you for your feedback. We have submitted this to our relative colleagues to follow up.


The same issue on max2pro. Also, evernote and oneNote can be bound but it syncs nothing. But I don’t really care this if it works with Dropbox


Same for me. Also now I MUST log in to ?Onynx? in order even to make a local backup of my notes.

The dropbox issue is important because I need access to sync my notes.

The backup issue creates a privacy problem that almost makes the Note unusable compared to its competitors where you don’t have to give away your data in order to backup locally. There’s no info on what’s being collected when you log in.

These are both major issues with the upgrade. Please fix quickly!


I had this issue with the 2.1.1 firnware, see V2.1.1 Knote bug
I resolved by removing all acoount binding (both dropbox, and evernote) and rebound to dropbox. It was not enough to disable/enable dropbox snyc, I had to remove and reauthenticate to dropbox.
Since that I’ve upgraded to 2.1.2, and dropbox sync still works.


Have you checked if the app is FROZEN?


Have you ever frozen those two Apps? And have you ever turned on the auto sync “Turn Wi-Fi automatically to sync Notes” on Settings with the Note App as below?


Hello Daniel, thank you for your feedback. Per our colleagues, the Dropbox issue and the backup issue will be fixed in the next firmware update.


Great, thanks, Claire. I have the same problem and can’t bind Dropbox anymore.
Do you have any ideas on the timeline for the fix? This is important.



Hello Dennis, still checking with our relative colleagues and will keep you updated.


Although I successfully “bind” my OneNote account I also cannot export to OneNote.

I am looking forward to the fix in the next release.

It would also be great if it could be exported as “Windows Ink” to OneNote which is its native drawing format. This would allow the handwritten notes to be searchable and editable.


I managed to get the syncing to OneNote working. I noticed that the top right corner of the notes had an exclamation mark, when I tapped it it made a sync icon, and then uploaded icon. I don’t know why it didn’t sync the first time but at least I know how to force it.

The notes are appearing in OneNote but they are not searchable as they are exported as an image in a PDF. It would be great if they could be exported as Windows Ink which is used natively by OneNote, then they would also be searchable and editable.


Hi, thank you for your feedback. It seems that the delay was caused by network issue.

Have forwarded this request to our R&D department to follow up.


Hi Claire,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I don’t think it was a network issue as this happens every time I add or change a Note and it happens on different networks. It never syncs automatically and I always have to click the icon to make it sync.


Could you kindly go to Note-Settings-“Turn Wi-Fi automatically to sync Notes” and turn on this option first?


Yes, currently things are not getting backed up automatically, which is very dangerous! Please let us know the estimated time for this getting fixed in the next update.


Per our colleague from R&D team, Dropbox Sync problem will be fixed in the next firmware update 2.1.3.


Yes, great, but when will this be released? Hopefully soon!


Dear Dennis, the exact date for the new firmware is unavailable now, and will keep you updated.


When will this be fixed? I just bought my Note assuming I’d be able to sync to Dropbox. This is very disappointing.