Firmware 2.1.2 breaks Dropbox Sync


Apologize first for any inconvenience that may cause. Update: the Dropbox bug will be fixed in the firmware 2.2.


Hi claire, will the next update be still 2.1.3 or is it 2.2? If Dropbox is fixed in 2.2 and before that 2.1.3 is released, we will have to wait quite some time. Thanks and best regards


Next update will be 2.2 instead of 2.1.3, and will keep you updated.


any rough eta for the 2.2 release? I understand that schedules can slip, but it’s useful to know if we are talking about something due to be released in the next couple of weeks or at the end of the year :slight_smile:


Not yet. Will keep you updated.


Dear Claire,
sorry for bothering but my last device was stolen without notes synced so it would be great to bring back this functionality. Do you have and idea on the timeline, it has been quite a while.



Hello Dennis, we still do not have an exact date when the new firmware will be released. We will keep you updated.


When is the Dropbox fix happening? It’s really a pain to sync to Dropbox otherwise.


No news here. We will keep you updated.


Hi, seems you keep everyone updated for month now, not really useful.
When is the 2.2 update coming, you need to fix this, just like all the others I have bought this device based on certain functionalities and you are not delivering.
So please commit to a release date and don’t keep people on a leash!


Per our colleagues, the new firmware will be released in November. Please be patient.


Thank you for this update, Claire. I hope this long awaited update will be a big step forward.



When is this firmware update expected?


Sorry for the late reply here. The new firmware will be released around the end of November.


I just encountered this Dropbox issue today … there’s still 4 days in November :slight_smile: