Firmware 2.1.2 for Max 2 pro?


It seems the new firmware for max 2 pro is available at However, I tried downloading and installing, and get the error “package verify failed”…


Looks like you clicked on the file. Do not do this.
Read carefully - Check “how to update” here - on the download page and follow the instruction.
I hope it helps


I did follow the instructions exactly.


I did the “Update locally” without any error. I have a Max2 Pro, too.
I would try again. If you can, make a new download, copy the file to the tablet and try again. Watch for some file corruption on the transfer to your tablet. Checks the size of the copied file.
If it does not work, I’m sorry I was not helpful.


Hello, could you kindly try to update the firmware again by OTA? Please follow the following steps:

Connect your BOOX with Wi-Fi first
Go to Settings - About - System Update - “Check update from cloud”, then follow the instruction to update the device. When update is successful, the device will restart automatically.


Claire, when I do that I get the message “no update package available”.


Dear, could you kindly provide the build number to us? Find out at Settings/ About Device.


Build number: 2019-04-11_15-02_1.9.1_523ab9c


Hi, sorry to bother you again. Could you please go to Settings/ System/ System Update/ to check the Model number of your device?


Model number: Java.lang.object@1b85ecf


Hi Clarie,

May I kindly ask for your help as I’m having identical problem as well.

Build number is the same: 2019-04-11_15-02_1.9.1_523ab9c
Model number: java.lang.Object@a305cbb

Thank you!


Dear, thank you for your feedback. Since your device model is customized version, this is not a standard model of our products, the update package for Max 2 Pro on our official website is not suitable for your device. Please contact the store where you bought the device for an update package of your device. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.