Firmware V2.2.2 is available for the BOOX Max3 & BOOX Note2

The firmware V2.2.2 is already available for BOOX Note2 and BOOX Max3 from now on. Please check for the update on your BOOX.

And you can view the changelog for Firmware V2.2.2 here.

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When it will be available for Nova Pro?


Hi, my note 2 says “cannot detect update package” when I check for updates. i have version 2.2.1.
What am I doing wrong?

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When will it be available for Max2 series? A lot of the bugs of v2.2.1 firmware are already present in our MAx2 device firmware version!

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Could you kindly change the language to English first?

No exact date about that. They are working on this now.

No exact date about that. They are working on this now.

I changed to english and it worked

I hit two issues with Firmware 2.2.2 on BOOX Max 3:

  1. The default language was switched from English to Chinese. Navigating through the Chinese menus to switch back to English is not fun.
  2. The option to adjust the contrast is removed (snapshot attached). This option is important to me and I can’t find the old firmware to downgrade.

Could you provide me with the link so I can downgrade the firmware - I definitely prefer the old one.

PS: The first time I used the online update option. After I hit the issue, I downloaded the firmware and performed a local update - no change.

Apologize for any inconvenience that has caused.

  1. The language change problem has been forwarded our relative colleagues to follow up.
  2. You could kindly adjust the contrast at status bar by clicking the top of the screen. Then you could kindly adjust the global contrast.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to downgrade the firmware. If you downgrade the firmware, you may come across some bugs or even lose some data since there is something different in the new firmware.

Thank you Claire.

I see where my confusion was coming from now and I was able to resolve my problem. The contrast tile was not visible by default when I dragged the upper side. After hitting the edit button, I was able to see it in the middle of the screen (?!?) and drag it up so it can be visible.

Now I am able to change the contrast with the contrast tile.

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  1. Added a zoom function (maximum zoom level: 16x) to the Note app, and adjusted the tool placement.

I’m having a really hard time not triggering the zoom with my palm. I guess you need to revise the palm rejection. In the meantime, I deactivated this option, but I still get a message saying that the zoom is not available when it thinks I’m trying to use it! Hope you can fix it soon.

Soon is relative. I’m sure the fix (along with other things breaking) will take a few months.

This has been forwarded to our relative colleagues to follow up and hope this would be fixed in the near future.